Chemical Bird Repellants

Chemical bird repellants are one approach to bird pest control.  The other three main types are visual, auditory and physical bird deterrents.  When more than one type or approach is combined into a unified bird control tactic, it is referred to as an integrated approach.  There are several types of chemical repellants available.  They range from sticky gels to liquid sprays that taste bad to fogging systems.Bird_gel_tubes.jpg

Bird gels often are packaged in a tube similar to silicone caulk.  The tube contains a sticky gel that birds don’t like and will stay away from.  These can be used around signs, on beams and along ledges.  A similar, thinner version is available for use in sprayers or with paint applicators.

Many chemical repellants contain methyl anthranilate as their active ingredient.  A by-product of concord grapes, this repellant tastes and smells bad to birds.  It is biodegradable and safe to spray on crops, grasses and structures.

Fogger systems are utilized to fill a space (indoor or outdoor) where birds need to be deterred with a vapor that also normally contains methyl anthranilate particles.  These vapor droplets irritate birds and keep them away.

Chemical “birth control” is also available.  This product is fed to problem birds in pellet form.  It is ingested and affects egg hatchability, therefore reducing the problem bird population.

Sucrose (sugar) sprays have been reported to act as a repellant of some bird species.

There are several effective chemical bird repellants available for your bird pest control program.  Sticky gels and bad tasting, smelly liquids are most popular.  Chemical bird control may be a viable option for your bird problems, whether in your yard, on the golf course, in the berry patch or on/around buildings. offers several chemical bird scare products.  Check out our products page to browse our wide array of products.

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