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Bird control is a topic of concern for many people.  Birds are a natural part of our surroundings and serve a purpose in the environment in which we live.  They eat insects, including mosquitoes and flies, they may clean up waste such as discarded food and dead animals.  Some birds scratch and till the soil as they search for food.  Birds often serve as a source of food for humans.  Ducks, geese, dove, quail and pheasants, among many others have long provided subsidence to the hunter.  Birds provide physical beauty and inspiration.  The Bald Eagle stands as a symbol of America's freedom.  bald_eagle.jpgWithout the inspiration of birds would the Wright Brothers have set out on their quest for flight?  Song birds offer listeners sweet tunes in the cool of a summer morning.  What happens, however, when birds and humans come into conflict, when the bird becomes a pest?  Picture these scenarios: a flock of geese devouring a farmer's crop... the ledges and sidewalks surrounding a building are covered in bird droppings... ripening berries or grapes are pecked and plucked from the vine before thgulls.JPGey can be picked, ruined and resulting in lost profits... an airplane strikes a bird in flight causing engine failure and loss of life... a pristine golf course being trampled by geese and littered with droppings.  These are all common scenarios played out everyday.  This is why bird control information and bird control devices are needed. strives to provide you with in-depth bird control information and a wide variety of bird pest control products.  We don't want to just settle for selling you a product, we want to provide geese.jpgyou with a solution to your bird problems.  Sometimes an old fashioned scarecrow may be all it takes to scare bird pests.  Most often, however, if you are looking for a bird control system for anything more than a backyard garden, a simple scarecrow will not provide adequate bird control.  You will likely need a visual, auditory, chemical or physical bird deterrent.  To acheive the best results you'll need to take an integrated approach by combining one or more classes of bird scarers or deterrents or by using a system that combines them into one package system. 

I am a Biosystems and Agricultural Engineer and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Kentucky.  As a professional engineer with a rural and agricultural background, I am familiar with birds, other wildlife and their surroundings.  I understand their behaviors and natural instincts.  I also know there are many scenarios in which bird control is needed or desired and can be achieved with a good level of success.  Usually, all that it takes is the right approach, consistency and a plan.  Sometimes, however, some of the birds will remain or return.  This is when an alternative approach must be attempted with a new game plan.

Within the pages of this site, you will find in-depth bird control information and a wide variety of bird pest control products.  Bird control devices are our specialty and we are confident you will find what you need regarding your bird pest control problems and available solutions.

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